The Debris Field—Simon Barraclough, Isobel Dixon, Chris McCabe, Oli Barrett, Jack Wake-Walker

The Debris Field (subtitle 'Salvaging the Titanic in Word, Sound and Image') is a multi-media event devised, written and performed by Simon Barraclough, Isobel Dixon and Chris McCabe. Our words are wonderfully enhanced and supported by original music from Oli Barrett (of the brilliant Petrels and Bleeding Heart Narrative) and new film from Jack Wake-Walker.

We debuted the show at the BFI South Bank on April 14th, 100 years to the night of the tragedy, and since then we have performed it at the Ledbury Poetry Festival and at the Bluecoats in Liverpoo. The next event is part of 'Out of the Debris' on February 21st 2013. The show is richly layered and textured and runs for 46 minutes. The one-minute trailer above is best viewed full-screen and with the sound up.

A published version of the text is now out from Sidekick Books, to be followed by a full DVD release of the whole film. Take a look at the book and maybe even buy it from here.